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Cell Impact offers an innovative technology that has the ability to push the boundaries in fields like forming, powder compaction and blanking. All of which is generally achieved at a lower production cost than with conventional technology.

Higher velocity generates an extremely short and powerful spike in temperature, which yields:

  • Less springback
  • Less need for additional force
  • Increased straining and formability when forming
  • Increased density when compacting
  • Higher quality blanking cuts.

Improved formability can be used to produce more challenging patterns, or to reduce material costs. Regardless of how it is applied, it will significantly contribute to higher output, shorter cycle times and more cost-effective production and less expenditure, while maintaining, or potentially improving, the overall quality of the produced part.

It’s quite simple really – we just make what is impossible using conventional technology possible, all by harnessing the Power of Speed.

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Patent and licensing rights 

Cell Impact’s technology and method are based on a method patent for the manufacturing of patterned and flat components by using high-velocity technology. The patent prevents others from using high-velocity technology to emboss a pattern by impact on one or more surfaces, regardless of what type of high-velocity machine achieves the impact energy.

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