The technology

Cell Impact offers an innovative, hydraulic-driven technology that generates greater formability than conventional methods. In addition to improved formability, our technology offers:

  • Minimum spring back in both the forming and powder-compaction processes
  • More uniform flatness
  • Precise patterns formed at high tolerances
  • High production rates or takt times; approximately one part per second for bipolar plates to automotive fuel cells.
  • Increased green density within powder compaction.
  • High-quality cut profiles in cutting-off, piercing or blanking applications. It can also be used to pierce or cut-off press-hardened boron steel.

Applying our technology is like using a hammer instead of slowly pressing a nail into a board. The hammer is easier, more convenient and more effective, just like our High Velocity Impact Unit is more effective than a conventional mechanical or hydraulic press.



Cell Impact in essence

Today, we can control a piston of 1,300kg accelerating from 0 m/s to 15m/s in 35 cm, an impact containing 150,000 Joules of energy, but more importantly we can take this into your production.

That is not even the best part. The best part is that, like a talented and experienced athlete, we make it look simple.

However in essence Cell Impact is a company built by engineers with a passion for controlling and providing the extra that makes the difference for our clients. This is not only words, but a way of working and interacting with our partners to deliver the best systems that enhance the competitiveness of our clients.

Primarily Cell Impact offers our partners High Velocity Impact Units for integration into machine tool systems for various applications. However, Cell Impact also offers knowledge and tailored units or even systems.

To challenge ourselves and the technology, Cell Impact allows clients to test new materials and applications in our development centre in Karlskoga, Sweden.

Here we can do everything from small tests and evaluations to pre-series and small-series production of new parts or concepts.

Test results from customer application validation can also be pre-analyzed in our own laboratory and not only samples are sent to customer, but also a first analysis and test report.

The complete offer is backed up with after sale and service direct from Cell Impact or through our network of distributors or representatives on local markets.

Formally Cell Impact is the patent owner of a hydraulic press or rather impact method designed for integration into systems for high quality, high volume, low cost manufacturing. The Impact Unit can be used for, e.g., embossing, coining, cutting, blanking, piercing or compacting materials by using high kinetic energy.


 Cutoff applications
 Forming applications
 Piercing applications
 Material compaction

High Velocity Technology

The Adiabatic phenomenon is generally assumed to occur in metal at impacts in the level of 10 m/s…

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Visit us at booth D06 1T-2T at China International Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Exhibition & Conference 2017 in Beijing August 28-30. Dr. Martin Skrikerud at Cell Impact will give a presentation about cost-effectie manufacturing of bipolar plates at conference. More information on visit site».

Visit us at booth 1H38 at EVS30 - International Electrical Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition in Stuttgart October 9-11. More information on visit site».

Listen to our jointly written presentation "High-Velocity and High-Speed Manufacturing Method and Manufacturing Cost Analysis for PEM Fuel Cell Applications", July 1 at 17:30.



Annual Report

The first part of the Annual Report 2016 is available in English. It is downloaded by clicking download annual report 2016.

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